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About Hélène Schweiger

As a senior leader in global organisations for more than 20 years, Hélène has a proven track record of successfully implementing difficult organisational transformations.  Her experience includes setting up new departments, driving organisational change, complex projects, whilst creating a healthy working environment for individuals, teams and organisations to grow.

Her latest achievement was the build of a shared service center for HR, covering 56’000 associates across 16 countries, leading a team of 300 associates reaching stability and success within a short period of time after launch. During this time, she was also instrumental in establishing the Global Shared Service Center as a full time Board Member. 

Hélène is a fantastic coach, mentor and consultant  with a passion for people and their growth – she is an excellent partner to have by your side on your career and life journey.

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Organisational Consulting

Years of experience at your service

Hélène’s experience has given her first hand insights into the journey that leaders embark on. Hélène uses her experience and brings an external and neutral/impartial eye to help businesses leaders with their challenges of making change happen within their organisation. 

Steering committee / Board: participating in critical meetings to ask the difficult questions, challenge status quo, share experience.

Coaching / support of Project Leaders: providing guidance on how to lead projects from leadership style, team management tips and tricks, change management strategy (e.g. communication plan, stakeholder management).


Presentations: guidance to reach impactful content and presentation style for critical presentations.

Team building event: facilitating team building events, from content suggestion to driving the event itself.


Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

A sparring partner to help you to reach success

Hélène creates a working space where people can be who they are, truly.

They feel safe, not judged, accepted and supported. Hélène is able to bring in the level of energy that is needed, from energizing, to soothing.

Mixing conventional and creative approaches is Hélène’s way of helping her clients build, consolidate their own path. People who have already worked with Hélène come out of the sessions, feeling ready for the next steps, whatever their challenges are.

Manager new to the role:

Often times, there  are expectations (self built or expressed by management) to find ways to deal with the many challenges you face on your own. One can feel overwhelmed and lost. Having an external person by your side to support, guide, challenge, share experiences and explore ideas is very powerful.

Established leaders:

The life of a senior leader can be tough and sometimes lonely. It is not always easy to share doubts, questions with peers or even the boss.

Having someone, external and neutral, who can be a listener, challenger, sparring partner proves a tremendous asset to free up the mind and get back to full power.

Preparing for interesting conversations


Hélène helps candidates prepare for their interviews with challenging questions, support in formulating clear messages. She guides them on how to position themselves, how to bring their success and challenges across in a convincing way, giving them the confidence needed for the critical conversation.

Hiring Manager / Leader

Hélène has recruited hundreds of team members and will share tips and tricks leading to building successful teams.  She supports hiring managers in formulating strong and diverse interview questions to help hire the best people for their teams.

Working together

gardening tools

One size does not fit all, flexibility is key

Based on an initial conversation, we will define together the objectives and derive an appropriate plan suiting your needs. 

Face to Face

Provides the opportunity  to establish and consolidate the relationship of trust. It is useful when supporting on specific topics like presentation skills, attending Steering Committees / Board meetings, team events.

Virtual connection

Provides more flexibility, is less costly and can be as efficient as face to face when it comes to individual interactions

Working languages

English and French

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"Even before we started our mentoring, I always admired the way you were speaking in meeting. For me it was the perfect balance between reasoning and emotion, with wisdom and conviction, in a way that would make me proud and happy to be part of that team and willing to give my very best to succeed together with everyone being in that room. 
During our mentoring, every session helped me see things from different perspective, it opened my eyes and helped me dealing better with challenging situation in the office and in life."

Bianca, Senior HR  Advisor, Czech Republic

"The fact that I chose you as my mentor was one of the best thing that I did. I felt always your commitment and involvement. You always make me feel secure to talk and to share the struggles that I had and see for advice. Your knowledge and examples, the challenges that you made me think about, create an area for me to grow and develop. Having you as my mentor, developed me, made changes inside me visible as a result of all learnings that you provided. I feel that I am more confident, more mature in some thinking and more secure in the way how I speak up."

Gabriela, Global Process Lead, Czech Republic

"I was introduced to Hélène, after actively looking for a coach for guidance in my next career move as well as for navigating challenges at work and life in general.  Our virtual sessions were ideal to fit my schedule. Hélène's warm approach, reflected in her way of asking probing questions and reflecting back our conversation, made it very easy top open up and connect.  I left each session excited and energised with a new perspective to explore. Our conversations shaped and positively influenced a number of life choices I made as a result. Whilst we never met, I always felt that Hélène had my back, so I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone who is looking for a trusted mentor or coach."

Catherine, Manager, UK

"I started with the mentoring with Helene while having a rough time at work. I reached out to Helene for advice as I used to work for her in previous roles and always saw her as a role model when it comes to Leadership and being a strong women in business. 

During our mentoring-sessions I realized that it's not only about my job; I mainly have to work on myself. She showed me through different tools and exercises how I can work on myself and re-focus my view of life.
I really appreciate my sessions with Helene and always feel energized and motivated afterwards!"

Karin, Head HR Operations, Switzerland

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